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Color Me Beautiful Wedding Planning is a full service event company based in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

We work with top vendors to produce a fabulous event that will create life-long memories for you and your loved ones. Our desire is to fulfill your personal expectations of your wedding experience. We promise the most pleasurable, fun, and most of all stress free experience. We treat every wedding as if it was our own and together we will color your special day beautiful!


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Wedding Planning Packages begin at $1500 for Month of Coordination.
LIVE training courses - $500

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Full Service Wedding Planning

Month of Coordination

Event Design

Bride/Groom Planning Courses

Join our LIVE Color Me Beautiful Wedding Training Course For Aspiring Wedding Planners

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"Not all super heroes wear capes." Meet the Wedding Planner! 

Born in Baton Rouge, LA now a resident of Atlanta, GA, my career in production started with working in the TV/Film so I understand how to produce excellent events from beginning to end. 9 years of being a wedding planner has shown be that no matter the backgrounds of my clients or their beliefs, the one thing that remains consistent is their love for one another and the desire to create life long memories on the day that they've chosen to celebrate their love! Having the responsibility as the front liner of this occasion is something that I don't take likely. It's a celebration!! :-)


Our clients just aren't another bride and groom. During the wedding planning process, there are so many emotions flying out of nervousness and anticipation. We ensure that our clients trust us 100% to facilitate one of the most important days of their lives!

We treat you like family.

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

Emily & John in Charleston

The KnoT

Shantrice & Rob Glam Wedding in Augusta


Austin & Noel French Industrial Wedding



Recent Press

First let me start by saying that Alesia exceed all expectations I had for a wedding coordinator!! I am a very particular person. I am so specific, meticulous, detailed, and precise that I originally thought about doing everything myself. As I began to plan my wedding, I felt a bit overwhelmed with details. This was my dream wedding and I had no clue about "the little things" and I felt like I needed help. I wanted my day to be as perfect as possible, as any bride does. I began to search for coordinators. I gathered as much information on each coordinator as possible before giving them a call. Out of 8 coordinators, I could not find one bad comment about Alesia or Color Me Beautiful. Upon speaking to her on the initial consultation, I found that she was exactly what I was looking for. She was VERY THOROUGH! I decided to use her for the "Day of" services, which best suited me at the time. I love her service because she actually started 30 days before the day of my wedding. Actually, she helped me with miscellaneous questions before 30 days. Alesia kept in contact with me from her date of hire, through the very end. She is prompt and dependable. She showed up to every meeting I had with the venue and answered/returned every phone call and email placed to her. She took care of everything that I didn't even think to ask. She is very seasoned and pays attention to the details. My wedding party consisted of 10 bridesmaids, 11 groomsmen, 2 junior bridesmaid, a flower girl and a small child ring bearer. I thought the wedding rehearsal would be a disaster with so many people. Nope, Alesia kept everything and everyone under control. My wedding party knew where to be, when to be there, who to walk with, where to stand, how to hold their bouquets, anything you can think of, Alesia had it on her list. Rehearsal ran smoothly and we were done in a timely fashion. Alesia coordinated all of my vendor to make sure everyone was on time on the day of the wedding. I had multiple vendors and everyone had everything in place and on time! On the day of my wedding, it rained. I was supposed to have an outside wedding, but the weather did not permit. Alesia kept me cool, calm, and collected. She arrived early. As the hotel set up the inside ballroom for my wedding, Alesia went in and made sure everything looked exactly how I envisioned it. She even went to Michael's to buy additional items for me to make sure I was pleased. My wedding day timeline went exactly as planned!! I didn't have to worry about ANYTHING! All I had to do was show up. That is exactly what I wanted. Alesia was superfluous and went over and beyond in everything she did for me. It was all about me. She was my best friend starting 30 days before my wedding. She does her job and she does it well. If anyone is hesitant about booking Color Me Beautiful, please make that the least of your worries. Had I known that Alesia was particular, meticulous, detailed, thorough, and precise like me (times 10), I would have booked her for her full services. There are many things that brides will stress about, this should not be one of them. I got ready, took pictures, and danced the night away. When I reflect on my wedding day, it was perfect! Alesia made sure of that and I appreciate everything she did for me. She is very dedicated to her work. I would recommend her to any and everyone that needs an event coordinator. I will be using her again for my 5 year vow renewal!

 Delton & Carlin McGee

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"We are just blown away by your artistry & attention to detail."

Heather & John

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